Thursday, 10 June 2010

Time of Our Lives at Kaleidoscope Sevenoaks

Laura, Tim and myself installed the film at Kaleidoscope in Sevenoaks today. It's on for 3 days - until June 12th.

Friday, 21 May 2010

The Tour Begins

The film is finished (apart from some small alterations to sequencing and sound, so not small at all, will probably take me a good few days). The Angley School film is being shown first at the Flix 'n Pix festival taking place at the Kino Digital in Hawkhurst on Wednesday at 2pm.

The rest of the tour takes in Maidstone Museum and Art Gallery, Kaleidoscope Gallery Sevenoaks and Tonbridge Library.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Young Carers - Tonbridge

Brilliant, funny, creative, intelligent - we did two workshops with the Young Carers in Tonbridge, one filming, the other they created their storyboard, decided what they wanted cut in and out of the final film and designed their own credits which they filmed on super 8. Many thanks to Beth for organising and hosting the sessions.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Age Concern and Young Carers

It's a shame but the young carers and age concern clients just couldn't be together for their workshop. They operate at very different times of the day and with the best will in the world it just was not practical.

However I went and spoke to the clients of Age Concern in West Malling and filmed them talking about their leisure time when they were young and what time means to people, young and old. I've never met a more chatting, noisy, gregarious group of people.

I showed the young carers the footage from the clients of age concern and the final film will be taken back to Age Concern for a screening. The two groups will meet through the medium of the moving image.

Edenbridge Workshop - No. 3

A little disappointed that there weren't any young people last week and also Rose couldn't turn up, we've scheduled another workshop for half term. This time audrey has coajoled any young people hanging around the estate to turn up for the workshop and we are unindated with them. Roly and his friend turn up spurred on by the opportunity to browse through the photos from the Museum.

It's brillant, there's chat about the really important stuff, about why older people feel intimated by younger people who hang around street corners, what the young people feel about older people and what it's like to be young today. Their issues at the end of the day turn out to be similar ones to those as the older people. You'll have to see the film to find out what was discussed.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Edenbridge Visit No.2

2nd visit to Edenbridge today. Not hopeful that the young people will be there, but at least Roly and Rose will be. Pick up Laura and we head to the Eden Valley Museum to borrow their pictures of the high street at the turn of the 20th Century. This tool was put together by Jane as a way for people to see the change over the last 100 years of the types of shops that have inhabited Edenbridge.

When we get to the community centre, only Roly is there, but we film him talking through the photos and remembering incidents and memories from his life growing up here as a boy. He also plays a couple of tunes on his harmonica which is great and will make an excellent soundtrack from the Edenbridge cut of the film.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Edenbridge Workshops - No.1

Audrey Batechlor is a star. She's the stalwart of the Spittals Cross Estate, ditto for Jane Higgs who runs the Eden Valley Museum.

My first workshop at Edenbridge is with a couple of young people and Roly and Rose, two older people who live in the village, both are brillant. It's a little strained at first, two young people sitting around a table with older people who they've never met before, and coupled with the fact this person who turns up calls themselves an artist and gets them talking about what they think of each other and then asks them to interview each other film and video!

Some lovely comments when the young boy asks Roly what he used to do when he was younger, as it's boring in Edenbridge and nothing to do, he was looking for guidance! Roly talked about playing in the fields and woods pretending to be robin hood or game of cowboys and indians. But ultimately Roly gained cool points when he announced that nowadays he has a Sony WII and plays on that occasionally.

To be continued next week.....